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Current Problems To Be Solved by Korean Maritime Law and Counterplans
Sep 30, 2003
- Summary
l 15:00~15:20
Opening Address: Young Gu Kim, President of the KSIL
Welcome Message: Sang Kyung Byon, President of the Korea Ocean Research and
Development Institute
l 15:20~15:50
1. “Current Problems To Be Solved in Maritime Law and Dealings of Maritime Affairs”
Gak Soo Shin (Director, MFAT, Treaties Bureau)
l 15:50~16:20
2. “Factors and Situations of Fisheries Conflicts Immanent in North-Eastern Asia New
Fisheries Agreement”
Jong Hwa Choi (Professor, Pukyong University)
l 16:30~17:00
3. “Thoughts on Movement of International Legislation for the Development of New
Mineral Resources of the Deep Sea”
Yong Hee Lee (Director, KORDI Policy Coordination Department)
l 17:00~17:30
4. “The Precedential Tendency and the Trial Procedure of International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea”
Gaap Yong Chung (Senior Researcher, Korea Maritime Institute)
l 17:30~18:10
- Young Don Noh (Professor, Incheon University)
- Sang Myon Rhee (Professor, Seoul National University)
- Suk Yong Lee (Professor, Hannam University)
- Won Gaap Lee (Researcher, Korea Maritime Institute)
l 18:10~18:30
Overall Discussion
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