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2. Changes in International Economic Law and Our Dealings Therewith
Mar 27, 2004
- Summary
3. Order
Registration (13:30~13:40)
Opening (13:40~14:00)
Keynote Address: President, “Plans to Reinforce the KSIL Research and Presentation”

1st Session: Keynote Presentation
Chairman: Chee Young Park (Professor Emeritus, Hanyang University)
Presenter: Byung Sun Oh (Professor, Sogang University)
Topic: KJIL - Submission Tips, Editorial Directions, and Review
Designated Debater: Prof. Suk Hyun Kim (Danguk University); Prof. Jae Ho Sung
(Sungkyunkwan University); Prof. Sung Ho Je (Chungang University)

15:00~15:05 Recess

2nd Session: Research Presentation
Chairman: Seung Hwan Choi (Professor, Kyunghee University)
Presenter 1: Young Jin Chung (Attorney, Lee & Ko)
Topic: A Proposal for the WTO Safeguard System: A Lesson from the U.S. Steel Case
Designated Debater: Prof. Duk Keun Ahn (KDI School of Public Policy and Management)

15:50~16:00 Recess

Chairman: Chae Hyung Kim (Professor, Pukyong University)
Presenter 2: In Sook Kim (Lecturer, Chungang University)
Topic: A Study on the WTO regulations regarding TRIMs
Designated Debater: Prof. Jae Hyung Lee (Sookmyung Women’s University)

Presenter: Hyun Ho Kwon
(Senior Researcher, International Economic Law Institute of Korea)
Topic: The International Economic Discipline for the Digital Products Trade
Designated Debater: Prof. Hyung Bok Chae (Youngnam University)

17:30~18:00 Composite Discussion
Chairman: Prof. Seung Hwan Choi (Kyunghee University)

18:00 Closing
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