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The Role of International Law in Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Negotiation
April 30, 2004
- Summary
14:00~14:20 Registration
14:20~14:40 Opening
Keynote Address of the President: The Significance and Reality of National Behaviors

Chairman: Chan Gyu Kim (Professor Emeritus, Kyunghee University)

14:40~15:40 1st Presentation
Presenter: Hai Ung Jung (Director, MFAT Treaties Bureau)
Topic: Game Theory and International Law
Designated Debater: Suh Hahng Lee
(Professor, Institute of Diplomacy and National Security)
15:40~16:00 Recess
16:00~17:00 2nd Presentation
Presenter: Yong Il Lee (MFAT, Treaties Division)
Topic: Internationalization of Security Interests in Trading Business
Designated Debater: Jun Ki Kim
(Professor, Yonsei Graduate School of International Studies)
17:00 Closing
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