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Investigation of Korean Regional Disputes from the Standpoint of International Law
May 29, 2004
- Summary
13:30~13:45 Registration
13:45~14:00 Opening
Opening Address: President

14:00~14:45 Keynote Presentation
Presenter: Gye Hyun Noh
(Honorary Executive of the KSIL, Former Director General of the National
Topic: A Study on the Dominium of Kando
14:45~15:30 Case Report
Presenter: Ki Suk Lee (Professor, Department of Geography Education, SNU)
Topic: Nokdundo’s Recent Geographical Status
15:30~16:00 Q&A Session

16:00~16:15 Recess

Chairman: Choong Hyun Baek (Professor and Chairman, Department of Law, SNU)
16:15~17:00 Presentation
Presenter: Byung Ryol Kim (Professor, Korea National Defense University)
Topic: A Suggestion for the Method of Research on Dokdo

17:00~18:00 Composite Discussion
Debater: Kyung Gil Min (Professor, Dept. of Law, Korea Military Academy)
Suk Woo Lee (Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Law, Inha University)
Suk Hwa Kang
(Professor, Dept. of Social Studies Education, Kyongin University of Education)
Sung Keun Hong (Lecturer, Dept. of Law, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)
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